BUILD Token allocation and pricing

In order to further develop and properly promote Builderium, we will initiate an Initial Coin Offering to the public. The total amount of tokens available amounts to $17.5 (ETH value of 500$) million and 20% of this is made available during the pre-ICO period. 60% (20% presale + 60% sale) of the token is provided to the public eventually, while 20% is reserved for the advisors, core developers, bounty and founders.

Creating future you desire, one bid at a time.
Builderium, registration number CHE-131-748.298,
Baarerstrasse 25, Switzerland, 6300 Zug
BUILD Token Allocation
Total amount of tokens to be sold
35 000 ETH
~7.8M (ETH 225$)

80% of all the minted BUILD tokens will be offered to the public for sale with the symbol BUILD. The crowd sale will begin the crowd sale begin on 23th of June.

20% of the token will be allocated to the core BUILD developers, founders, and advisors and the sales restriction which is compliant with standard regulations will be in place to ensure long term alignments of interest and commitment towards the value of BUILD tokens in the future.

Token distribution
  • ICO - 80%
  • bounty - 2%
  • advisors - 3%
  • founders - 11%
  • company - 4%
Build Budget As earlier stated, a huge portion of the funds are raised to ensure that the expansion is made possible. The proposed budget is outlined below.
  • Expansion (40%) Salaries, Offices
  • Marketing (35%) Let`s make this website world famous
  • Development and Technology (10%) Upgrading business model
  • Legal (10%) Legal issues varies across every country
  • Reserve (5%)
Crowdsale stages

ITO (ICO) Sale Phase 1 starts 23 July, ends 17th November. Or whenever tokens sold out.

Softcap 2500ETH. Hardcap 12000ETH

  • ICO Event
    % of Tokens on Sale
    Discount Provided
    Duration of Sale
  • Phase 1
    20% - BUILD tokens for sale
    6650 BUILD tokens for 1 ETH
    (+33% bonus)
    Sale longevity 117 Days
Sale Phase 2 starts 18 November
35 000 ETH to be collected in all stages combined
  • Phase 2
    10% - BUILD tokens for sale
    6250 BUILD tokens for 1ETH (+25% bonus)
    Sale longevity 10 Days
  • Phase 3
    15% - Build tokens for sale
    6000 BUILD tokens for 1 ETH (+20% bonus)
    Sale longevity 15 Days
  • Phase 4
    15% - BUILD tokens for sale
    5775 BUILD tokens for 1 ETH (bonus+15%)
    Sale longevity 15 Days
  • Phase 5
    15% - BUILD tokens for sale
    5500 BUILD tokens for 1 ETH (+10% bonus)
    Sale longevity 15 Days
  • Phase 6
    5% - BUILD tokens for sale
    5250 BUILD tokens for 1ETH (+5% bonus)
    Sale longevity 15 Days

All sales phases will launch on after another. ITO (ICO) ends 17/12/2018 or whenever tokens sold out.

ICO Phase 1 ends 17th September Get BUILD token with 33% bonus on sale stage 1
Minimum Amount for Purchase
  • 0.1 ETH
  • 0.01 BTC

Investors who are willing to get BUILD tokens by using other cryptocurrency then ETH or BTC please write us to:

Frequently asked questions
Release of Tokens

The BUILD tokens will be allocated in accordance with the market value of your cryptocurrency amount calculated at the time your ETH or BTC or LTC was received by the BUILD ledger. Builderium will not accept any responsibility for the incorrect delivery of BUILD tokens due to invalid addresses supplied. You can see the Terms and Conditions for more information on this.

What Happens to the Remaining Tokens?

Tokens which are not allocated during this period will be burned and rendered ineffective.

Refund Policy

It is important to note that the tokens purchased, if refunded, qualifies you for a refund which is a percentage of the amount you paid. You can see the Terms and Conditions for more information on this.